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"Supporting Artists, Investing in Dreams, and Developing the Next Music Industry Professionals"
- Rock Solid Studio




We offer top quality gear and recording space to make

sure that we can make your

audio recordings with the highest excellence. This includes some of the best microphones in the industry, as well as professional quality microphone preamps, A/D converters, monitoring systems, and also a wide variety of instruments.

Mixing engineers who understand what your song needs will professionally mix your song. We believe that no two songs will 

ever be mixed the same, but that every song has a specific style, sound, and feeling that is unique. We will shape and enhance those qualities to turn your song into

the piece of art that it

was made to be.

We believe that mastering is a

very important step in producing your music to the highest quality possible. Our mastering services include adjusting the overall EQ of your song to make sure that it sounds clear, warm, and pleasing

to the listener, as well 

as maximizing the volume of your song while still maintaining 

the original dynamics and character.


Rock Solid Studio strives to provide you with everything you need to develop your project. Including: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums, bells, percussion, pianos, organs, piano and synth software, as well

as a wide variety of microphones. We want to be prepared to record anything that your song needs,

as well as choose what specific microphone will fit the style and character of your project.

We believe that the recording experience is just as important as the recording itself. If you don't enjoy the recording process then why do it? We focus on creating an environment that is encouraging, creative, and stress-free. We

also provide a fully stocked mini fridge, snacks, drinks, and a comfortable and relaxing recording

space, so that your recording experience can be the BEST that it can be



Thank You

Rock Solid Studio values our clients and their work. We are proud to have the clients that we do and are proud of their music. Without them Rock Solid Studio would be nothing that it is today. So from Rock Solid Studio, we want to say thank you to those of you who choose to trust Rock Solid Studio with your music. We won't let you down.

Some Of Our Clients
  • Kurios Cirque Du Soleil

  • Josiah Williams

  • Emily Hope

  • Callie Day (America's Got Talent)

  • Illinois Central College

  • Hot Sauce Universe

  • Doug Stone Jazz Group

  • Jamika Welch

  • Joe Stamm

  • Steady Flow

"Rock Solid helped me create an EP, and it exceeded all expectations! Huge attention to detail, great creative vision/tastefulness, and superb technical recording and instrumental skills. I highly recommend them!"


—  Korey Endress, Korey Endress Music


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Tel: 309-323-0011

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