4 Equal Monthly Payments at 0% Interest!

We want to make sure we provide every opportunity for you in your music career and understand that producing your music is an investment. It takes money to make money, and sometimes getting the product that will make you money can be difficult, especially if you have to pay for it all at once.

Pay overtime using our 0% interest financing. Start your project, pay as you go, and even pay after its finished and you are beginning to make money off your project. 

Limitations & Details

*Project must exceed $400 (not including studio time).

*Financing is spread over 4 equal monthly payments.

*Studio time cannot be financed.

*Late Fees Apply - A daily late fee of $10 per day is applied to overdue invoices.

*Payments can be made via cash/check/debit/credit via mail/online invoice payments.

*Payment #1 required upfront.

*No credit check required.

*Agreeing to begin Rock Solid Studio's financing requires all monthly payments regardless of project completion.