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"Supporting Artists, Investing in Dreams, and Developing the Next Music Industry Professionals"
- Rock Solid Studio

Music Recording

Recording is one of the most important steps in the music production process. Choosing the right instruments, microphones, and gear for your project will set your project up for excellence before the mixing process. Our facility is one that will not only keep you comfortable, but also allow you to expand your vision for your project and feed your creativity. We believe that being in a comfortable and creative environment will enable you to really focus on why you are here. In turn, this will allow you to give your best performance possible during the recording process. We also supply a fully stocked fridge, drinks, coffee, and snacks to anyone in the studio. 

*Includes Engineer, Facility, and All Gear/Instruments

Music Mixing

The mixing process is an extremely important step to producing your music. Mixing is when the recorded tracks are blended together in a way that emphasizes the emotion and feeling that you want your music to evoke in the listener. EQ, compression, automation, creating dynamics, panning, effects, side-chaining, and filtering are just a few tools we use in the mixing process. We never move music to be mastered until every bit of potential is released in the mixing process. We use some of the best signal processors in the industry to develop your music in the mixing process until the result is a radio ready mix that is prepared for mastering. 

*Unlimited Production/Track Count

*Music Mixing Requires 50% Deposit Upfront

Music Editing

This is a music for all music that is recorded with us and we are doing the mixing. This is all included in the mixing, but here are some of the elements we include in our editing process: Noise reduction, Rhythm aligning/quantizing (if needed), vocal pitch centering, and comping.

*Unlimited Track Count

*Music Editing Requires 50% Upfront

Music Mastering

Music Mastering

It all starts with a great mix. A mix with a solid balance, dynamics, clarity, fullness, edge, and tonal control. Mastering takes that great mix and puts the cherry on top. It is the last 10% of the post production process that will prepare your music for distribution and duplication.

NOTE: Music that is not mastered in todays industry is very noticeable to industry professionals and everyday listeners. If you do not have someone lined up to master your music after the production and mixing is complete, then please have us master your music. Releasing a project that is not mastered hinders all the hard work that was done during the production and mixing process. Make your first impression one that won't be forgotten.

*Unlimited Track Length

*Music Mastering Requires 50% Deposit Upfront

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