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We believe that artist development is sometimes the single most important
aspect of an artist's or band's career. Failure to not having these in
place can result in a loss of exposure and even income.
We want you to succeed in your music career.
Your success is our success. 
Project Credits

Every project needs to document the roles of every person involved in a project. This is very important to ensure that everyone involved in your project gets credited for their part.

Using our crediting software we will:

  • Document the credits & project information on a RIN file to create metadate that is embedded into your WAV files.

  • Upload your credits online to Sound Credit, so everyone knows the credits for your songs/project.

  • Create printable PDFs for your personal documentation.

  • Generate GRid and ISRC codes for your songs/project.

What do we document in this process?

Recording Details

  • Artist Name, Song Name, Song Version, and Song Genre.

  • Album/EP Name, album/EP Artist Name, Release Version, Track Number, Disc Number, Album/EP Genre, Release Date, UPC/EAN, GRid, Record Label, & Catalog ID.

  • Key Signature, Time Signature, Tempo, Moods, Original Artist, Duration, and Date Mastered.

  • Description and Private Notes.

  • ISRC and ISWC.

  • Source Format, Mix Format, Samples, and Explicit Options


  • Collect the roles of everyone who participates in a project.

    • Musician, Engineer, Producer, Organizer, Contributor, Studio, writer, etc.


  • Document the equipment used on a project for other artists to know what instruments, microphones, amps, recording consoles, etc. were used on a project.


  • Document the lyrics to a song or project.

*Additional fees apply for using our crediting software.

Music Licensing

Recording and distributing a cover song? Shooting a music video of your cover song? Making copies of the sheet music? Wanting to use a sample of another artist's work? We suggest making an account on to obtain any of these licenses. offers mechanical licenses for compact disks,  digital downloads, interactive audio streams, ringtones, vinyl records, youtube/other video streams, DVD's, other video downloads, MIDI, Player Piano Rolls, USB Memory, integrated circuits, music boxes, cassette tapes, as well as sync licenses for video, print licenses for duplicating sheet music, master licensing for using another artists' samples, and even grand licenses for theatrical licensing.

Music Distribution

Wanting to digitally and/or physically distribute your music around the globe? We are a huge supporter of, a leader in todays music industry for distribution. We suggest you setup your account and distribute your music around the globe on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Itunes, Shazam, as well as over 90 other distribution partners. CD Baby will then pay you (the songwriter/publisher) anytime your music is downloaded or streamed (called mechanical royalties).

Music Copyright

Are you interested in legally copyrighting your music with and making your music legally yours? Having your music legally copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office is required for lawsuits and other legal situations within the music industry. A "Poor Mans Copyright" is one form of copyrighting your music, but may not protect you in every circumstance. We suggest creating an account and copyrighting your music on to ensure that your music is 100% yours and protected.

PRO's (Performing Rights Organizations) Registration

PRO's are Performing Rights Organizations that ensure that songwriters and publishers are paid for the use of their music by collecting performance royalties on behalf of the rights owners. These agencies collect royalties on your behalf anytime your music is played on the radio, TV, or performed in public in any way. They then return those royalties to you, the songwriter/publisher. We suggest creating an account with one of the PRO's to be sure that you are obtaining your performance royalties for your music.

Sound Exchange Registration

SoundExchange is another royalties distributer for digital performance royalties. See more information from Sound Exchange below.

"SoundExchange represents recording artists and small, medium and large record companies. We collect and distribute royalties for multiplatinum stars and local garage bands, for a cappella and acid rock, bluegrass, symphonies, big bands and everything in between. We maintain more than 199,000 recording artists and rights owner accounts.

The term “featured artist” refers to the group or individual most prominently featured on a sound recording, track or album. “Featured artists” receive direct payments from SoundExchange." - Sound Exchange.

"Digital royalties are fees that service providers such as Pandora, SiriusXM and webcasters are required by law to pay for streaming musical content. These royalties are paid by the services to SoundExchange, and accompanied with playlists of all the recordings played by the service provider.

It is our role to take these payments, allocate the fees to the recordings according to how often each song was played, and then pay the featured artist(s) and rights owners of those recordings. We have paid out more than $5 billion in royalties since our first distribution." - Sound Exchange

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