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We believe that artist development is sometimes the single most important aspect of an artist's or band's career. Failure to not having these in place can result in a loss of
exposure and even income. Use any of our music production services and we
will make sure that you understand our artist development elements. 
We want you to succeed in your music career.
Your success is our success. 

Producing professional quality music that will compete with mainstream music on every level can be expensive. We suggest looking into creating a GOFUNDME to help with the expenses and even create excitement for your fans during the production process. Creating a GOFUNDME and connecting with your fans through it can expand your fan reach, as well as fan loyalty in many ways. Producing an album and not telling anyone about until after it is released means you just lost a lot of potential momentum in your music career. Creating a GOFUNDME, giving away special band material or merch, having prices for large donations (free personal house show, etc.) will give your career a boost and get your fans excited about what you are doing. We want to help you create a GOFUNDME in any way and make sure that your music career grows in the process.

Music Licensing

Recording and distributing a cover song? Shooting a music video of your cover song? Making copies of the sheet music? Wanting to use a sample of another artist's work? We will walk you through making an account, obtaining music licensing through EasySongLicensing.com, and answer any questions along the way. The mechanical licenses can be for compact disks,  digital downloads, interactive audio streams, ringtones, vinyl records, youtube/other video streams, DVD's, other video downloads, MIDI, Player Piano Rolls, USB Memory, integrated circuits, music boxes, cassette tapes,  as well as sync licenses for video, print licenses for duplicating sheet music, master licensing for using another artists' samples, and even grand licenses for theatrical licensing.

Music Distribution

Wanting to digitally and/or physically distribute your music around the globe? We are a huge supporter of CDbaby.com, a leader in todays music industry for distribution. We will help you understand how to setup your CDbaby.com account and how to distribute your music around the globe on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Itunes, Shazam, as well as over 90 other distribution partners. CD Baby will then pay you (the songwriter/publisher) anytime your music is downloaded or streamed (called mechanical royalties.)

Music Copyright

Are you interested in legally copyrighting your music with copyright.gov and making your music legally yours? Having your music legally copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office is required for lawsuits and other legal situations within the music industry. We will help you understand the process of copyrighting your music and ensure that your music is 100% yours and protected.

PRO's (Performing Rights Organizations) Registration

PRO's are Performing Rights Organizations that ensure that songwriters and publishers are paid for the use of their music by collecting royalties on behalf of the rights owners. These agencies collect royalties on your behalf anytime your music is played on the radio, TV, or performed in public in any way. They then return those royalties to you, the songwriter/publisher. We will help you understand how to setup your personal account, and answer any questions you have during the process of registering your music with either BMI, SESAC, or ASCAP.