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"Supporting Artists, Investing in Dreams, and Developing the Next Music Industry Professionals"
- Rock Solid Studio

Voice Over (ADR) Production

Voice overs/ADR are a huge industry in todays market, so recording your voice correctly is extremely important. The microphones, room acoustics, cables, preamps, and engineer that is recording and mixing your voice are all huge factors to getting the product you desire. We will capture your voice well, maintain the natural tonality of your voice, and then mix your voice in a way that will enhance the clarity and warmth, while creating a pleasing listening experience for your audience. We will also add any effects, room tone, or any other element that will make your voice fit within the context of the video that your voice will be getting laid over. We also have a ADR setup for overdubbing/audio replacement for video. A large TV setup in our ISO booth and the ability to patch in a producer as well.


*Includes Engineer, Facility, and All Gear/Instruments

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